10k queue, 3+ hours of 2002 errors, finally get in , 2 minutes and DX11 fatal 11000002 error, FU SQueenix

2021.12.05 01:38 Cappmonkey 10k queue, 3+ hours of 2002 errors, finally get in , 2 minutes and DX11 fatal 11000002 error, FU SQueenix

This is complete BS. Now I'm back to a 6k queue.
Complete shit.
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2021.12.05 01:38 Spyder0909 Yacare and Uhl'uht'c

Having a lot of trouble with summoning Yacare(?) and shuffled Cuthulu. Does anyone have any tips?
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2021.12.05 01:38 qyyg King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusion which is a delusion in which people believe themselves to be made of glass and thus liable to shatter. He was reported to have wrapped himself in blankets to prevent his buttocks from breaking and had iron rods put into his clothing.

King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusion which is a delusion in which people believe themselves to be made of glass and thus liable to shatter. He was reported to have wrapped himself in blankets to prevent his buttocks from breaking and had iron rods put into his clothing. submitted by qyyg to france [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 01:38 Yucan3 How do you encourage someone to do something that would be beneficial without sounding or being too forceful?

There are multiple examples in life where people have tried offering advice but might feel like it will backfire. When is it okay to be pushy, how much is too much and what's the best way to encourage a behavior without getting too pushy?
This only applies to the people I really care about in my life like family and best friends. I find myself getting frustrated when they do not put themselves in a position to do things/tasks that could greatly enhance their life. There's times when I "force" someone to do something and they appreciate it down the line and thank me profusely, and then there's times where it causes arguments and hurts the relationship. What's the best balance?
Random Example 1: Your friend doesn't know how to swim so you offer to go to swimming classes with them so they can learn but they don't want to no matter how easy you make it.
Random Example 2: You have a friend that is awful with money and you suggest them simple tricks to manage their money better, pay off high debt, afterwards maybe open up a Roth IRA and invest vs having just a savings account but they refuse to learn?
Random Example 3: You have a child that watches tv/plays games most days. They have started becoming a bit overweight for their age. You encourage them to do sports with the kids next door or go play ball with you after work, they refuse.
Just some random ones, I can think of off the top of my head
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2021.12.05 01:38 laurenmaytay My husband won't look at my nudes

My husband and I met via the adult industry, he's always been supportive of me, but he refuses to help me make content. He won't take pictures of me, or film me. Asking him to film with me is absolutely out of the question. But it makes me feel undesired that I can't even show him a picture that I feel looks amazing. He says it's because it bothers him. Side note we were long distance for a long time and he would love getting photos, but now it's seems like a bother.
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2021.12.05 01:38 purplequill_777 10 Minutes #OM Powerful mantra for #Meditation with the sound of Rain and Thunder

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2021.12.05 01:38 Awkward-Ad-3292 ranked weirdchamp-_-

ranked is so weird you either get enemy's tooo easy or way to hard
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2021.12.05 01:38 Kuriyun MMR, wdym!?!? Can we please talk about this?

Aight, I really need an explanation, since it's getting harder and harder to enjoy Unrates and Deathmatches..
For some reason the MMR System of Valorant thinks I am somewhere I'm probably not whenever I queue for Unrated or Deathmatch.
I just went out of my way and checked all the ranks of all the players of my most recent Deathmatch (using tracker.gg/valorant) bcs whenever I checked while playing Unrated at least 3 ppl were Immortal.
For me (currently Gold 3, not really playing ranked cause soloqueuing sucks) it's kinda weird to be up against Immortal ranks when playing and it doesn't really make alot of sense.
If I want to compete in my Unrated games (in other words: Don't look like a troll), where am more or less trying to have fun instead of tryharding since imo that's for Competitive, I have to sweat my a** of.
So please, can anyone tell me what the actual frick is wrong with Valorant? It's almost like it's trying to force me to make a new account to play casually.

If you want to fact-check this, check my most recent Deathmatch (where you can also see, that am not queuing with anyone).
Valorant IGN: Kuriyun#4033
Link to Tracker.gg profile: https://tracker.gg/valorant/profile/riot/Kuriyun%234033/overview
Link to the referred match: https://tracker.gg/valorant/match/d94e8a0b-be27-489a-aeb9-6a5503c91bb1?handle=Kuriyun%234033
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2021.12.05 01:38 TOTEMBOl This jacket from a frugal aesthetic video

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2021.12.05 01:38 ClockworkRegent What should I play next?

I’m playing through as many FromSoftware games as I can before Elden Ring. So far I’ve beaten Dark Souls and I only have the expansions + Soul of Cinder left on Dark Souls III.
Which game should I play next? I haven’t beat any of the following, and I own each of them: - Demon’s Souls Remake - Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin - Bloodborne - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Mortal Shell (I know it’s not FromSoftware. It just looks like fun and I want to try it as well)
The only game I’m not really wanting to play is DS2, as I’m aware of a lot of the problems in it. I’ll get through it eventually, but it’s not necessarily one I’m dying to play
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2021.12.05 01:38 Debchen8 Just got bitten

Just got bitten by our ball python. We’ve had him almost a year but these last few months have been very busy and we haven’t handled him much. other than feedings and hydrating his substrate we haven’t gone into his tank to handle him. This is the first time this has happened. He’s never been aggressive before. Is this something that will stop?
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2021.12.05 01:38 Jimbo9089 Do you ever feel alone even though you have friends and a good family?

I'm more of a loner. I like being alone. But I also like having friend's just for the hell of it. It's nice to share my interests with someone if they'll listen. Just not all the time. I'm also kind of a different person then all my friends (which is not many). I have very different views and interests then alot of people my age and I can't talk to anyone about them. Im a very sensitive person and no one really seems to remember or even give a shit. So the whole reason I'm actually posting to reddit when I usually don't is I had a little squabble with my closest friend. She's really the only friend I constantly talk to. The whole argument was admittedly pretty stupid. But I got defensive and tried to argue my point because she was being very rude to something I like. Something I'm apart of. I hate arguments because I really don't like making people upset but sometimes someone says something and then I gotta say something you know? But she's an awful person to have an argument with because the second you disagree with her or your trying to talk your point, she either says "I don't want to hear it" or just hangs up like she just did. And it sucks. The second she gets mad and I'm actually coming up with a good point she totally shuts me down. I really do like hanging out with her because we have good laughs alot of the time and there's a few common interests we have. But every now and again we'll have a stupid little argument like this. And another thing is, I never get mad when we argue. I never raise my voice cos I believe that's not how you get your side across. So it just sucks. I can't ever tell anyone about things I like or my opinions because the person I'm most comfortable with doesn't share my interests and won't even listen to me when I blabber on. And the funny thing is, I'm totally the opposite. I love hearing people's stories and what they have to say. I'm more of a listener then a talker. I'm the person people come to when they have to rant. And I don't mind at all. No matter how boring, I love hearing people's stories. She's exactly the opposite. If it's boring she won't hear it. I'm extremely sorry if any of you read this far. I'm just dumping my thoughts because I have nowhere else to go. Does anyone have anything similar happening with them? Like I said, I love hearing other's stories
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2021.12.05 01:38 NeighborhoodNearby42 LF feebas or Milotic, bonsly, shieldon or his fossil, and carnivine. FT pokerus, 5iv charmander, any starter, fossils BD exclusives lmk

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2021.12.05 01:38 FlawlessWeeb Defusing Smol Megumin

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2021.12.05 01:38 DawnOfTheDead678 When you overshoot your flop just a little 😅

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2021.12.05 01:38 toadslayer5 [USA-NY] [H] MacBook Pro 2017 13inch no touchbar 256gb SSD 8gb ram 2.3ghz i5 Space Gray [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Looking to sell off my macbook pro since I don't use it as much anymore.
The top case has 2 small dents, but screen and keyboard are in great condition. Battery is in normal condition and has 210 cycles. Will come with the original box, I can also throw in the keyboard cover if you would like. Charger is mangled a bit at one end but works completely fine. Wall brick is a new 67W brick from apple.
I'm looking for $450 OBO!
Local to 11365, will also ship if you pay shipping.
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2021.12.05 01:38 calliegal77 Songs that make you teary….

I thought of a song today I haven’t heard since I was a kid. I played it and when it was over, I had tears running down my face. What song makes you cry? I’ll tell you the song after a few people respond. I don’t want to date myself too early in this post.
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2021.12.05 01:38 Beawealthy “Leave on the grass”… okay… but it's wet and it’s pizza box… but okay. Just make sure not take the tips off after delivery.

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2021.12.05 01:38 Embarrassed_Sell_783 So nova gas has 2 colours?

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2021.12.05 01:38 CRookedGriNN 2 tier pot.. simple but works. Watering made easy

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2021.12.05 01:38 DontDoxMePls1 sam and maya

okay so maybe it’s weird because naya is played by a thirty-something-year-old but sam and mayas dynamic is so sweet and i love how wholesome it is !!! my favorite moment is definitely the finale scene but can people please share their other favorite scenes ? i also love when he takes down the bullying papers from her locker !!
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2021.12.05 01:38 ex1us What do I do if I got detected by chamber's bot if I'm not a movement character?

title. If i'm not jett/raze/omen, what should I do? stand still and wait for the eventual peek or try to move out of the slow range?
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2021.12.05 01:38 __kit SLPT: If you are a celebrity pay for everything with checks.

Having your signature will usually mean more to the person/business than the money (especially for small sums), so they will probably frame or sell the check to a fan and it will never be cashed.
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2021.12.05 01:38 VLStetson А не пора ли нам подкрепиться?

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2021.12.05 01:38 BasketBeginning9764 Free Netflix Account

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