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Debt Portfolios For Sale - PRO LEAD BROKERS USA

2021.12.05 00:56 aswan35 Debt Portfolios For Sale - PRO LEAD BROKERS USA

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2021.12.05 00:56 Thin-Ad-9709 Minimum profit margin

Is there a hard minimum profit margin one should adopt when determining whether to go with a particular product and price?
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2021.12.05 00:56 popcornboiii Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHED For DEFENDING Chris Cuomo | Krystal Kyle & Friends

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2021.12.05 00:56 smmrfrvr Brown spots on Syngonium

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2021.12.05 00:56 digitaljoegeorge Can Business Owners/Affiliate Marketers Do Well On Twitch

Hey Guys,
Please bear with me. I am new to the Twitch arena. I just saw an article that said non-gaming content can now be streamed on twitch.
My question is if I do live streams on twitch every day for 4-6 hours about topics ranging from how to build an online business from home, make money online, affiliate marketing, and other tech stuff, will I attract the right audience?
Will I get a decent amount of followers?
My plan is to go all in hard. That means engaging, encouraging, complimenting, and making sure everyone feels valued and liked.
I am a big believer in making others feel more important than yourself genuinely. I feel can't utilize this skill immensely without live streams especially on twitch.
I just don't know if my niche will rank or do well since the biggest markets are games, entertainment, and funny videos.
Anyone with foresight, I would immensely appreciate your kind and thoughtful feedback!
God bless!
Always remember to count your blessings and be humble! Digital Joe George
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2021.12.05 00:56 chux4w Villa v City post-match survey results

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2021.12.05 00:56 No_Buyer411 Kim Kardashian [1800*2400]

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2021.12.05 00:56 Enough-Dare-8322 Silvery Barbs is Balanced: Kind Of

Silvery Barbs is a very powerful spell, and it interacts well with a variety of other very powerful spells and features. I'm not here to dispute any of that, what I'm here to do is describe how Silvery Barbs can be considered in-line with the existing similar spells and features.
Disclaimer: You know what's best for your table, this is an exercise in pedantry and not me telling you how you should run your games.
Since I'm not going to be discussing powerful interactions, what I am going to be doing is comparing Silvery Barbs to other spells based on the magnitude of their effect and the resources that are spent on them. After that I will be referencing other spells with similar costs to see how they line up.
Reference Spells/Features: Entangle, Shield, Counterspell, Heightened Spell
Entangle: It's a first level spell cast as an action, it's an AOE, and it imposes the restrained condition on save, causing disadvantage on attack rolls and dex saving throws. This is roughly in line with the trade off of Hellish Rebuke vs Burning Hands: Same Spell slot cost, Action vs Reaction, and AOE vs Single Target.
Shield: It has the same spell slot cost, same action economy, different effect. Shield protects you all round, while Silvery protects you (or an ally) for one round and then provides advantage. In terms of pure defense Silvery could protect you from one rolled attack and one save, looked at this way it's about as effective a damage mitigator as Shield is.
Counterspell: Same action economy, higher cost, and has a few main uses cases: instantly negating a low level spell, rolling to negate a higher level spell, or counterspelling a counterspell. Silvery is worse at doing the first as both to hit and save spells can still succeed, about as effective as the second (very much depends on the specifics, Silvery gets more effective the higher level the spell involved), and is worse at the third, once again needing to roll instead of automatically succeeding. In most cases Silvery is a lesser effect for a lesser cost, however in some of the highest stakes scenarios could be more effect for less cost. This is likely the comparison that puts Silvery most directly out-of-line with existing spells, especially at higher levels.
Heightened Spell: no additional actions required, 3 sorcery points aka a second level spell slot as a cost. Heightened Spell costs more to do less, if not for the fact that it leaves you with your Reaction available. Reactions are extremely valuable, we know this.
This leaves me with the following conclusion: Silvery Barbs is on par with some of the strongest content in 5e, it is easy to access, and it is very flexible. So, if you ever considered banning currently published content at your table, you're probably considering banning this. However if you've made it this far into 5th edition not needing to ban anything at your table, then you probably won't need to ban this. Silvery Barbs is a must-take, it'll be appearing in cyan/gold/whatever on every relevant guide and list from now on, but anything it can break was already more-or-less breakable at this point. It's balanced, sort of.
Personal Note: I see how WotC could come to the conclusion that this spell should be costed as a level 1 spell, I don't think I'll need to ban it at any of my tables, if I do adjust it I will probably do so in the form of a small level adjustment. In addition, I already try to vet PC concepts and combos and have vetoed exploitative builds before. If you are planning on banning or nerfing Silvery to avoid broken builds, I urge you to consider the individual veto as an option available to you (or not, it's your table.)
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2021.12.05 00:56 Salt_MasterX Thinking of getting back into dirtbiking, any way to get to trails without a license?

Currently only have an L license and no car, so can't transport it myself. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I've looked online but haven't found anything concrete. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.05 00:56 General_Reply4892 Just picked up these two!! Eek!!

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2021.12.05 00:56 justhangingout528 Customer of the Day 12/4 edition

So, we don't let customers send out boxes with duct tape. Was told it messes up in the machines or something? A guy comes in who obviously tried this before. Has tan duct tape on his box and goes up to my coworker to send his box. Told her it was taped with "$150 tape for aircrafts". I thought he was joking or I misheard, but when she told him to use shipping tape he repeated it. Dumbass still had the tape roll in his hand with clearly said "duct tape" on the inner roll and she pointed that out to him. He insisted he had bought brown tape from us before. ...True, he most likely had, but it was our tan shipping tape (basically the crap they send us when we order tape and they don't have clear to send.)
Anyway, I missed the rest of the exchange because I had a customer to take care of, but I glanced over a few minutes later and he was there taping him box up with the clear shipping tape we sell.
"tape for aircraft" WTH? LOL
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2021.12.05 00:56 CrazyBoi694826 I fucking hate this

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2021.12.05 00:56 Wide_Dragonfly7883 AFTER ALMOST A WEEK SHE'S FINALLY DEAD!!! thanks guys for your support!

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2021.12.05 00:56 marianothegreat Cuick question: since the monument mythos shows USA and some other countries monuments hiding terrifying creatures and stuff, how would Mexico's monuments would be like in the MM universe?

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2021.12.05 00:56 Ill_Ad_9073 Which suburb do you live, which one you work and how you communte?

Curious to see how people commute in Sydney. I start:
Live in Wolli Creek, work in Glebe (10km) and commute by motorcycle, takes me around 30 minutes at peek hours.
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2021.12.05 00:56 WarmPawsOwO Headphones volume control with moto g power 2021?

Hey I was going to buy a moto g power 2021 but I've never had a android phone before. Because I was going to be using it for music a lot does anyone know if this particular phone supports the volume control / skip / pause buttons some headsets / earbuds come with?
Also does the moto g power come with a music app or do I gotta download one from the appstore?
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2021.12.05 00:56 Icemanrec [HK] [H] Paypal [W] Drop MT3 Serika

looking for MT3 Serika with Katakana + Arrows, I have a proxy address in Portland US where i usually get things posted too.
Please comment and then dm with offers.
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2021.12.05 00:56 Shawnsub1 Chaincade is going Play2win this December! Buy now directly on the homepage with Flooz Trade. TechRate Audited 📄 Team KYCed with Pass or Fail Me 🏛 Metaverse 🎮 NFTs powered by Altura's api 🕹 Holding strong in the market! Only down 0.06% 24hrs 🔥 Come DYOR everythings here for you to research

You can now buy Chaincade directly at their website. Using you can connect your wallet direct and pay in many different forms. Here is the Medium article explaining it in detail.
The Chaincader's NFT set is also getting ready to roll out. There will be a mint of 5000 with only 4000 for sale. The last 1,000 will need to be won in either tournaments, giveaways, or inside Prize Boxes.
Chaincade is also getting ready to roll out their Phase 2 Play2Win sometime before end of December with a total of 3 games that will be availble once it releases. As of right now there are 2 you can play for fun. Here are are some snippets of info for those looking for a good metaverse gamefi project to get into. There a lot happening and way more to come. So definitly come check it out.
Phase 2/Play to Win will introduce Prize Boxes and “Arcade Edition” NFTs into the ecosystem. Prize boxes will have a random chance to drop any one of a number of rewards. These Prize Boxes take the place of version one’s end of season rewards. Now, players can get their prizes as soon as they’ve earned it.
All players will be able to create and customize their own part of the Retroverse. Having and customizing a Hangout will be open to everyone. Only players with either a Founders Edition NFT or 1T Chaincade holdings will be able to open an Arcade. Hangouts can do just about anything an Arcade can do, except the games won’t earn players tickets.
Playing in an Arcade will earn both the player and owner tickets, incentivizing Arcade Owners to create unique and rewarding arcades. Having certain NFTs active in your arcade can result in different effects, besides cosmetic. Some may allow players to get an extra life in a certain game, or unlock a new game entirely.
This project has partnered with Altura for the smart NFT side of the the project. They have already released their first set of NFT dubbed the Arcade Founders Edition that is limited to 99 total ever. Which sold out within seconds of each listing. Which will enable people to open there own metaverse arcade lounge later when the finish developing that part of the project. As well as future benifits for the holders which can be found in the white paper on these on their main website. NFTs will also play a roll in the play2win system.
You can also claim Chaincade as a reward if your holding Rewardeum through Rewardeum's dashboard another ongoing partnership of Chaincade's.
You can now purchase Chaincade directly on with or on Pancakeswap or Bogged Finance. Tokenomics as follows
10% Transaction Tax: 🕹 4% Redistribution 🕹 2% Automatic LP 🕹 4% Gamers Wallet
👾 Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion 🔥 Initial Burn: 438 Trillion (43.8%) 📄 This is Contract: 0x2ffee7b4df74f7c6508a4af4d6d91058da5420d0 ➡️ Slippage: 12%
Official Website Links
TechRate Audit:
Pass or Fail Me:
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2021.12.05 00:56 KrisbyKream My years stats for spotify

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2021.12.05 00:56 _Donut_Duck_ [NEBULA] One Way or Another v.s. villians with no side schemes in encounter deck (Wrecking Crew)?

Also, what happens when all the side schemes are in the discard? Is this card a free draw-three in both cases?
One Way or Another
Max 1 per round
Hero Action: Search the Encounter deck for a side scheme. Reveal the side scheme - draw 3 cards. Shuffle the encounter deck
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2021.12.05 00:56 byjosue113 This has been my first MTB, and I love it

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2021.12.05 00:56 successXX VF5US 12/4/2021 online

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2021.12.05 00:56 Booklover510 To the furries of Reddit, what is your fursona?

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2021.12.05 00:56 ramonarmen96 Came across these two games at the thrift store this morning. I recently picked up the Resident evil at a 2nd and Charles. I couldn't pass up on these doubles for $2 each

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2021.12.05 00:56 SlippersTBD The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid (Official Music Video)

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