Did Zenni get my prescription wrong or am I just not adjusted?

2021.12.05 01:30 for_no_one_else Did Zenni get my prescription wrong or am I just not adjusted?

I had been getting my glasses online at EyeBuyDirect for my last couple pair. But this time I wanted a pair form Zenni. But they came in today and even though they are the exact same prescription the new ones feel like they aren’t as crisp as the older ones. They are the exact same prescription and everything. But when I compare the two by looking at the same thing with both pair I can tell that the new ones seem blurrier. Am I just not used to the new glasses or is there an issue with the new pair and I should send them back?
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2021.12.05 01:30 tepid_monologue TF2 is amazing!

Decided to install tf2 because I heard good things and I’m sick and tired of the problems with halo infinite, and what an amazing game! Clocked the campaign and loving multi player, even though I have to deal with 200 ping due to the AU data centres not working.
Why haven’t I played this sooner?
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2021.12.05 01:30 damnshawty0k Daily Aqua: Day 274 angry aqua

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2021.12.05 01:30 DragJonFruit 23 M Looking for Chats/Friends

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2021.12.05 01:30 Senior-Pop4783 I feel bad changing girlfriend every so often, my new flavour of the month

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2021.12.05 01:30 Redmann1244 [WTB] CZ P10c reverse or P07 15 round mags (WI)

Looking to buy some magazines for the P10c or p07. 15 or 17 round mags only. Would spend around $20-$30 depending on salt
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2021.12.05 01:30 MintWarfare How much does an air plant cost in your area?

Just wondering what the normal price are so I don't get ripped off.
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2021.12.05 01:30 majin_hendrix The Exaggerated Swag Returns (SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE (PART ONE) – First Look Reaction)

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2021.12.05 01:30 SavageTripathi XD

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2021.12.05 01:30 Asleep-Honeydew-9920 I’m exhausted

I don’t have the energy to type the whole story out. I am depleted. I will write a short summary and a bullet point list.
Summary: I don’t know if my mom is a severe narcissist, but we’ve had problems on and off forever. I’m 27 now - unfortunately I am home for a brief time, due to unemployment and unexpectedly relocating back home because of a natural disaster. I’ve been diligently applying myself to my career goals, speaking with my mentor, hashing applications out. I wasn’t super helpful when I first got here, I now realize it’s because I was shaken up due to evacuating and leaving lots of my things across the country. This will make sense in the bullet list which will include incidences from childhood and adolescence to present:

There’s more but I gotta go to sleep will finish tomorrow
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2021.12.05 01:30 themstrom A like ”slipped through”

So yeah, a weird thing happened last night, that makes me believe tinder is deliberately holding back my likes.
Anyways i was on tinder last night and noticed i had a new like, i could see on the blurry image that the picture and name matched with the girl in the deck, but i figured it was smarter to save the swipe untill next morning. So the morning after i went on tinder but noticed that the like was gone, but the girl was still in the deck.
The weird thing was that i didn’t get the ”you missed a match” notification which i normally get if i somehow had swiped left on the like.
It’s not that big of a deal but i think tinder is becoming more and more weird and unreliable. Would be happy to know if you got any similar stories.
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2021.12.05 01:30 Ceman361YT 2021 is almost over, what are your goals for 2022?

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2021.12.05 01:30 JETSinatra Anyone here wanna buy a rolling loud ticket lol

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2021.12.05 01:30 dobbyisafreepup At least I can say that I tried

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2021.12.05 01:30 TrainingInstruction8 Why do kids even enjoy this stuff like just go watch some Barbie play videos

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2021.12.05 01:30 MagnetBane What are some dumb things that new hires complain about at your company, that you hate too but you just don’t complain about anymore because it doesn’t change anything?

For instance our store is notorious for scheduling us 15 mins short of the time period we can take a lunch and an extra paid break. Then a lot of times we end up having to stay longer than that anyway, but since we aren’t scheduled for that extra break or lunch we don’t get it.
Also a lot of time the managers forget to tell us when to go to break (we have to have their go ahead first) so if you aren’t vocal about it you don’t get your break until the very end of your shift or not at all.
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2021.12.05 01:30 hubble6969 21 [M] hmu!! Looking to try new things ;) (springs)

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2021.12.05 01:30 Nickolink This is very accurate

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2021.12.05 01:30 BlankVerse https://old.reddit.com/user/iknowwhatday

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2021.12.05 01:30 Scrooby123 Uber drivers of Reddit, what is the craziest thing that has happened while driving for Uber?

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2021.12.05 01:30 MuscleNerdStudios Peanut Butter and Shelly

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2021.12.05 01:30 __MeanMrMustard__ some formulae for ch. 1

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2021.12.05 01:30 Floyd_The_Wolff How does cross play work in quick play?

Title basically says it all. Is quick play always in Cross platform/input or is that just for ranked?
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2021.12.05 01:30 Akimblo Any tips for getting Sorrow Chests?

Want to grind title but have no good way to grind it out.
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2021.12.05 01:30 the_physics_bro Plot is getting thicc

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