Make DC players suffer.

2021.12.05 01:02 Hawkeye336699 Make DC players suffer.

Far to many players DC after being downed once. Leaving the rest of the team to suffer. While the DC person just goes and makes a Sandwhich and comes back and plays.
Make them suffer!!!
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2021.12.05 01:02 Bombadeir American Teen assume if you whish

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2021.12.05 01:02 Comprehensive_Fox847 Thoughts on what is going on with Atreca?

I’ll start right off with, I’m holding Atreca. Came in at 9, bought at 7.50, bought at 5, bought at upper 3’s and have a purchase order on for Monday. I’ve been buying all the way down. Every DD I’ve read is positive. Every analyst has it as a buy. It lost in Q3, but a loss was predicted and it met the predictions. No surprises. Absolutely no comment from the company in months. All they have on their agenda is to speak at a few conferences. There have been some whispers of a buyout but the share price had to be driven down to make that happen. Any thoughts on what is going on and where this is headed?
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2021.12.05 01:02 nakednunuu Snap nunumamixxx

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2021.12.05 01:02 jek39 Great blue heron?

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2021.12.05 01:02 but_why_doh Does six flags membership include reduced entry fee for other guests in party?

title kinda says it all. Its a diamond membership if thats relevent
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2021.12.05 01:02 MibuInMalibu Just for fun, if the new FV Units got a rekit in 2 months, what would you want their new four stars to be?

Let’s just assume they will NOT get another limit break jutsu because two in one kit is dummy OP.
The two new jutsu for Naruto I’d personally want would be:
4* Rasen Biju Shuriken - User throws two Biju Bomb Rasenshurikens forward, one slightly more ahead than the other, and damage the enemy multiple times.
[Effects]: Seals enemy (M), Causes Confusion & Darkness (M), Increases user Attack & Evasion (L), Removes and gives immunity to status ailments for x Amount of time. Ignores and lowers Multiple nature type resistances (M)
(Pierces Iframes and leaves a damage area) - At level 8, M turns into Large and Negates enemy stat buffs and lowers enemy defence and attack (L)
4* Kurama Avatar Nature Energy Gathering - User enters a massive Kurama avatar, Damaging any enemies nearby and gains vast buffs from a far away Kurama clone that’s been gathering nature energy.
[Effects]: Gives Large nature resistance to all types to all Allie’s on the same floor, as well as status ailment immunity for 10s. Raises Defence and Evasion (L). Recovers HP and CP to all Allie’s on the floor. (Uframe, only damage to enemies beside or on top of it, no further damage) and gives USER invincibility for 5s.
(this jutsu was used by 3 Kurama clones to gather nature energy for Naruto to throw his rasenshuriken and tailed beast bomb rasenshuriken to counter Sasuke’s Indra arrow)
Now for Sasuke
4* Jutsu: Perfect lightning Susano’o, shoulder to shoulder - Uses the lightning made bo staff to deliver two powerful blows to the enemy from his perfect Susano’o
[Effects]: Causes Large paralysis to enemies and leaves an area of damage. Causes Huge (DoT) and increased damage to enemies with DoT. User is invincible for 5s and Large attack & Defence buff while negating stat buffs and nature resistance. ( U frame)
I can’t think of another Sasuke jutsu and I’m cool with ults. I’m not saying they need a new kit rn, this is just for fun. Leave your own ideas below and I’ll check all of them out. Also lemme know what y’all think of mine and which unit is better based on this on paper suggestions
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2021.12.05 01:02 PsilocybeApe Today in Idaho hospitals and COVID-19 (updated 12/3): Patients, ERs, ICUs

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2021.12.05 01:02 Top-Fee4454 I am lonely at night

I have no friends, a distant family, and a work from home job. I just want to experience love or some sort of happiness. I’m missing something in my life. Any help?
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2021.12.05 01:02 ThisIsTheWay2001 I am “Science” aka false god

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2021.12.05 01:02 FightTheShip Anyone dinding the AI in SBs to be insanely aggressive recently?

I've been banging out some SBs to do objectives and in the past few weeks the AI has gotten more red cards than I saw them get all year, last year. One game had 9 yellow and 2 reds from the computer. Combine that with the very inconsistent calls in the box and it's a bad combination. It's like every time I create a little space I'm getting dragged down by the computer. It's incredibly sloppy and kills the flow of play. Seems to be any difficulty from Professional on up.
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2021.12.05 01:02 thebeast_x Better to submit a rushed assignment or take the late penalty (20%)?

I could quickly put together a rushed assignment, or should I just take the extra day and do it properly.
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2021.12.05 01:02 Snoo-65301 "IntelliSense"
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2021.12.05 01:02 blockcast AMA with Matilda Token on 7 December 2021 at Asia Blockchain Community

AMA with Matilda Token on 7 December 2021 at Asia Blockchain Community
We will host AMA with #Matilda_token on 7 Dec at 8 pm GMT+8.
- Get ready your questions
- 10 Live/ 10 FB (Dm me)
- $300 total to be won
Join us at
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2021.12.05 01:02 Fudge-Supreme Georgia fans thinking they are better than ND

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2021.12.05 01:02 Vivid_Transition1414 New to JW

Hello people!
Just a short intro about myself I'm currently a roman catholic and my depression led me to start reading the bible. My professor at my university was a JW he was really a good person, he helped me study the bible and invited me to the conventions on Sundays which I started to attend (online) because he wanted to expand my knowledge about God. I just started 2 months ago.
I started doubting their belief about really believing in the bible when I asked him about the story of Elisha and the two bears who mauled teenagers (IDK if I'm correct) on 2 kings 2:23-25? He said they'd deserve it for mocking a servant of God. And I was like... "what?" I'm an empath and it is impossible for me to do such a thing to other people and God especially with so much empathy on His children, I doubt, would let that happen. Another is when I asked: If Jesus was crucified for humanity, therefore without his death, humans wouldn't be saved. So the one who caused his death surely is also responsible for humans to achieve salvation. So I asked him: "If Judas didn't betray Jesus, wouldn't you think Humans would never be saved from their sins?" I added: "that makes Judas our co-savior right?" He said Judas was destined to do it. And I just can't believe it. It was like saying "people are born and destined to be bad in order for salvation to take place." well maybe after Judas betrayed Jesus, Jesus just saved Judas from his sin. God gave us free will according to the bible and for the bible also to say that you are destined to do a bad thing is simply folly.
But most of the time tho, I do learn some great lessons from the bible but tend to filter some information that came from their teachings whenever I feel it's not right (Basically some of the parts of the Bible I'd believe but for some, clearly, I see it as errors made by human authors)
After seeing this Reddit group I've checked some of the sites on the comment sections I was surprised and I really can't believe it. It was just right to have some doubts about the organization and its teachings. They really believe that all the bible writings are true even though I find some of it as... blah.
I was having this thought that maybe one day my professor expects me to be baptized as a JW and I don't really want to hurt his feelings because I can feel he is a good person, but he is really a bible-obsessed individual who really loves being a JW but I don't want to get baptized if he asks me hahaha.
What to do next? Should I continue or what? Any advice?
ps: I really appreciate what this group is doing. In my opinion, the Real God would appreciate what you're doing here, fighting against the abuses and misconducts committed by the JW.

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2021.12.05 01:02 Kaimakishipper A quick Kaimaki drawing I made at 4am - I can usually draw better than this, but I hadn't slept that night

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2021.12.05 01:02 hellothere1289 Yeah I’ll just not play it

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2021.12.05 01:02 ConjureWolf I finished Name of the Wind and I don't understand the praise

For a long time I've heard this book talked up as one of the best in the fantasy genre. Every individual scene was competently done, but as a whole I can't see the substance. I am genuinely interested in hearing people articulate the qualities of this novel, as most of what I've found online is people saying "I loved it" in a hundred words without ever explaining why.
To be clear there were things I enjoyed, like the framing of the story as a tale told over three days. And there were some incredible scenes, like Kvothe playing his lute without a string to get his pipes, or taking the class on the second day and humiliating the asshole teacher.
To summarise my major criticisms:

To expand a bit:
The trope of an underdog main character proving the haters wrong is great, but the novel hits that same note over and over without taking it anywhere. Kvothe is great at everything except letting things go and realising girls are flirting with him. What progression in terms of character is there? What does Kvothe learn as a human being?
In terms of plot, once Kvothe arrives at the university he quickly gets banned from the archives, makes some friends, makes some enemies and improves his rank. Later he does all this some more. Then he does it some more again. Is that it? He learns the name of the wind, not from any trials and tribulations, but because... he just does. At the end of a side plot he finds a way into the archives. What other progression is there?
The major goal of the protagonist is searching for the Chandrian. We find out at the very beginning that the Chandrian killed Kvothe's parents because his dad was searching for info about them. Later there's a long plot that reiterates that. I've read that the second book doesn't progress the Chandrian plot either. If that's true, it hasn't gone *anywhere* since it was introduced.
It felt like the majority of the second half of the novel was devoted to the romance between Kvothe and Denna. This romance in a nutshell: they spend close to 100% of their time flirting but never realise the other likes them, then maybe they're about to get somewhere when something interrupts, then Denna disappears and Kvothe worries she misunderstood something, but no actually it was all fine. Rinse and repeat half a dozen times.
If I had to describe the novel, I would emphasise "wish fulfilment" and "young adult romance" far more than "fantasy". I would never usually do this but I am strongly considering not reading the second novel. I've read recommendations from people who adore the first book and say it was "fast paced" saying the second book lacks plot progression and is mostly wish fulfilment. I can't imagine how much I would dislike the sequel if people who loved the first thought that of the second.
Sorry if I've come across as sour and combative, it can be hard to write criticisms of a popular work without seeming that way. I didn't hate everything about this novel, I just don't understand why this would have received so much praise and would really like to.
TLDR; See dot points above. It's well written but goes nowhere, it just repeats the same notes over and over. I think it could have been 1/4th as long with zero substantial changes, and even then it would have been sparse in terms of both plot and character progression.
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2021.12.05 01:02 vinhtrn 🚨Attention: The Last Stand: Aftermath - Console players!🚨

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2021.12.05 01:02 adenous_dionysus Gonna hop on the "Any Advice Please" bandwagon. Not having much success at the moment

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2021.12.05 01:02 DisruptSQ Oxford High teen shooter charged as adult for 1st degree murders, terrorism. Ethan Crumbley faces up to life in prison.

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2021.12.05 01:02 missnaomishambles so glad polar bear was in this month’s staff box😮‍💨

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2021.12.05 01:02 cheesy1213 Is there anything else it could be that’s not shingles? Terrible burning rash that emerged suddenly. Responds to prednisone. Had chickenpox. Over 60.

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2021.12.05 01:02 marchioness-capra How do I add an additional line to a histogram?

I have made a histogram, with min and max numbers. I wish to add an additional line to it at a certain number, to see how large the portion below and above it is. Basically I just want the exact number to show up on the left side accompanied by a line.
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